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What to look for when buying a home in Grey County and what to consider about rural property living including Internet, By-Laws, Transportation and other rural living considerations in the Grey County area
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Before you pack your bags and leave the city, there are some important things you should know before you purchase a beautiful home or farm in Grey County. Rural living can be a big change for those without experience so let’s review a few items that deserve a heads up.

Located in Ontario, two hours outside of Toronto, Grey County is an idyllic county that’s a relaxed and family-orientated community with scenic views, open air, quiet living, and lots for the outdoor enthusiast. As more and more families begin to move to Grey County and as the work from home becomes a new normal, it’s important to understand the benefits and responsibilities of rural living. 

8 Things You Should Know About Buying a Home in Grey County

Whenever you make a life-changing decision, such as where to live, its important to keep in mind what you’re getting into regarding the cost of living. We don’t just mean the expected expenses that come with a home. We are talking about living expenses in a specific location, community. Here are 8 things you should consider before buying a home, farm or land in Grey County.

Transportation In Grey County

If you are dependent on public transportation, you will have to make some changes to how you get around as there is no major transit system with the exception of Owen Sound. There is the Grey Transit route that is based out of Owen sound and goes to a few of the communities within Grey County.  Considering your potential reason to move out into the communities of Grey County, you might not really mind this downside as much as others. However, you may experience a change in the ability to travel for social events, hospitals, school, or work. Research the area and what’s available for general population use so you can determine how you can move around the county with ease. If you’ve got no real need for public transport, then great. However, we still suggest learning more to ensure it is sustainable in the long run. 

Internet Coverage & Telecommunications in Grey County

If you’re someone who relies on steady connections to achieve your workload, especially in the event that you’re a remote worker, then understand Grey County’s coverage. Finally, rural areas are slowly gaining access to things that high-density suburbs and cities have had for years: high-speed internet. The rural internet coverage is still not its best, and the availability is not in every corner, but it’s improving consistently year over year. 

To better understand Grey County’s ever-evolving coverage take a look at the Grey County website.

Garbage Collection

How a city collects and processes garbage is entirely different from rural areas. If you’re someone who thrives on recycling, understand the community’s actions towards such goals. You want to understand three different factors:

  1. Costs
  2. Storage
  3. Collection Frequency

Look at the Grey County website for further information on their garbage collection and processing practices per municipality. 

Building and Bylaws, Zoning and Permits in Grey County

Every county has rules and regulations to ensure cohesion amongst all residents. This means things like where on your property you can and cannot build, what kind of animals you can have, etc. 

You need to get a permit to do certain things to your home, such as adding rooms, various renovations, etc. This is standard everywhere and isn’t unique to homes in Grey County. When you look at a home you want to make an offer on, be sure to understand the local laws and who you need to talk to about getting the necessary permits prepared.  

Research Grey County’s By-Laws and each communities individual By-Laws:

Additional Fees

Homeownership will always come with fees and taxes. For example, maintenance of nearby roads, snow removal, gravel and pavement maintenance, etc. This is to ensure the community is accessible to emergency vehicles and general residents.

Grey County has a great Affordable Housing Program for people looking to buy homes that need some urgent tender, love, and care! They help pay for some of the renovations to brighten up the community. Check out more information on the Grey County website. 

More Space Usually Means More Money

This shouldn’t come as a shock, but more square footage, while cheaper than in the city, still comes at a higher price. This isn’t just in terms of the land you’re purchasing but the maintenance, insurance, utilities, land taxes, etc. So keep this in mind when purchasing your piece of Grey County real estate. 

Water & Wells

Rural residents have wells that provide safe, clean drinking water. If you’re purchasing a home with a well already present on the property, or intend on having one, be sure you regularly maintain the well. This means ensuring cracks, pipes, pumps, and caps are always sealed and secure. Water Testing when purchasing a new home is recommended

Septic Systems

In rural areas, septic systems are sometimes your only option when dealing with waste and water removal. You’ll need to manage and maintain septic systems to avoid environmental damages or the need for costly repairs.  Check out Septic Smart for more indepth information. 

Finding The Right Grey County Home

In 2021 and 2022 many Ontario residents began looking for more rural living instead of the busy city life. Grey County has quickly become the perfect new home destination as it offers everything from country living, farm life, small towns and most importantly some of the best scenic views right from your backyard. All this while still only being about 2 hours from the big city. When looking for homes in any rural community such as Grey County, make sure to take into consideration everything mentioned above to ensure you and your family are prepared to take full advantage of living in Grey County.

If you need help with making a buying decision regarding a home in Grey County, contact Carrie Russell of the Robert Porteous team from Royal LePage – RCR Realty. Carrie grew up the Beaver Valley and has lived in Grey County all her life and has helped hundreds of families find the right home in the right community. Contact her or visit the office in Flesherton – part of Grey Highlands.

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