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Discover what Grey County communities offer. Urban, rural and agricultural diversity. 

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While Grey County is a beautiful home for many residents – it is also the home too many natural residents. With over 8,500 acres of protected forest this area offers a special level of natural Ontario beauty you cannot find elsewhere. If you enjoy spending your time outdoors – no matter what the season – you will find something to do in Grey County.

Top 10 Questions About Grey County

If you’re interested in living in the beautiful and quaint Grey County, you’ve probably got some questions. For years we’ve served this county’s real-estate market, and we know that budding homeowners have questions, and you’d be surprised how many come up frequently. So we’ve compiled a list of the ten most asked questions about Grey County.

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When you consider Grey County as an area, you need to include the following municipalities which make up this beautiful, rural county. The main municipalities included are:

Grey County has a large wide-reaching network of health care services. The most popular network is Grey Bruce Health Services. They’re located around the county, and in places where they’re not available, you’d find additional health care services provided by Grey Bruce Health Link Coordinated Care Planning and Home & Community Support Services of Grey Bruce.

The county has a live and efficient paramedic service for any 911 medical emergencies. Regarding long-term care, there are three prominent providers: Grey Gables, Lee Manor, and Rockwood Terrace. These are great places for elderly residents to reside when the time becomes necessary. They’re safe long-term care facilities with community-based living. 

The county even has Emergency preparedness measures in place, which are updated regularly, to prepare for any potential issues the county might face. You can review the protocols on the Grey County website.

Finally, Child Care services are readily available across the county, ensuring you’ve got options when it comes to your children. 

Grey County has numerous internet providers available. However, from the list of providers, it’s up to you to understand if said provider can provide in your specific area. 


Broadband providers you need to know about:

  • Great Network
  • SouthWest Integrated Fibre Technology Network (SWIFT)
  • Previous Broadband Initiatives in Grey County: Rural Connections

DSL providers in Grey County:

  • Bell Aliant
  • Bruce Telecom
  • EBOX
  • Wightman Telecom

Cable providers in Grey County (subject to area availability):


  • Eastlink
  • EBOX
  • Rogers Cable

Wireless providers in Grey County (subject to rural areas):

  • Bruce Street Technologies Limited
  • Eh!Tel
  • Grey Bruce Telecom
  • HuronTel
  • Maximum ISP
  • Packet Works
  • Point to Point Broadband
  • Rural Net
  • Xplornet

The Grey County website offers a range of options for communication with each company so you can find out if they’re available in your area or the new home you plan to purchase.

Grey County is known for its sense of community, beautiful neighbourhoods, and the local amenities that are rich in the area. For example, it’s a great destination for skiing, snowboarding, golfing, swimming, cycling, and a variety of local resorts. This is a county that is exceptionally rural in comparison to some of the neighbouring counties. It’s a welcoming community with great options for people looking for a somewhat quieter life, more rural amenities and options for outdoor space and fun adventures.

If you’re looking to raise a family, Grey County is perfect for you! There is so much that families get out of living in Grey County. It’s a place ripe with opportunities to explore, and kids love exploring. There are caves and caverns, scuba diving and snorkelling, zip lines, and much more. Your kids will feel like the main characters in an action-packed adventure movie.

Grey County was named as such in honour of the British Colonial Secretary’s father, Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey. He was the former prime minister of the United Kingdom back in 1830 until 1834.  

If you’re considering the Grey Bruce area as a whole, then you’d be thinking of all the townships that make up Grey county:

  • Meaford
  • Chatsworth
  • West Grey
  • Grey Highlands
  • The Blue Mountains
  • Southgate
  • Georgian Bluffs
  • Nothern Bruce Peninsula
  • South Bruce Peninsula
  • Arran Elderslie
  • Kincadine
  • Borckton
  • Huron-Kilnoss
  • South Bruce

Yes! Zero hesitation in answering this question. Grey County is a lovely place to call home, raise a family, and live a humble and peaceful life. No matter which part of Grey County you reside in, you feel that sense of community that Grey County is so well known for.

Everyone has their personal preference on where to buy a home in Grey County. Still, there are some areas that definitely stand out for various reasons. Discuss this with your real estate agent to ensure you’re in the best area for your preferences and needs.

At this moment in time, the current average price for a home in Grey County is just about $716,626. This is an 8.4% gain from May of 2021. Single-family homes currently sit at a benchmark of $654,100, which is a gain of 23.3%. Townhouse/row units are averaging $544,500, which is a 27.4% increase compared to just one year earlier. Finally, apartments average at about $362,600, which is a 60.4% increase from year-ago levels.

There are tons of fun things to do in Grey County. For starters, there’s the famous Blue Mountain Resort which hosts skiing in the winter and a range of other activities all year round. Then you’ve got wonderful nature-based options like Inglis Falls, Pretty River Valley Provincial Park, Northwinds Beach, Irish Mountain Lookout, Meaford Memorial Park, and tons more. Other top-tier options include Plunge! Which is an aquatic centre, Georgian Hills Vineyards, Thornbury Village Cider and Brewery, and loads more local options.

As you can see, there’s a lot to do in Grey County. It’s a place with a lot of activity and a ton of fun to be had. It’s one of those towns that, once you settle down, you’ll never imagine what life might be like if you lived anywhere else. Thanks to all the amazing opportunities and amenities, it’s a great place to live.

According to, the current population of Grey County is roughly 100,905. This population is almost evenly distributed amongst all primary age groups. However, there is an imbalance with certain age groups taking up higher percentages of the shared population. Ages 50 – 54, 55 – 59, 60 – 64 (the highest overall), 65 – 69, and 70 – 74 are in some cases double the rest of the population share based on age ranges. All other age ranges (excluding 80+) average at 5000. The gender share is also close to being 50/50, with females taking a slight lead overall.

With this nice mix of ages, you get a multi-generational feel in the county. There are lots of kids, young adults, young parents, and a healthy mix of older generations through to the 80s.

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